About us

Design Kriya Pvt Ltd (DKPL), is a Mumbai based interior designing and consulting company specialised in designing aspiration, beautiful interior space and comfortable lifestyle.

Our Principal Designer Satyaprakash Sharma comes from the background of designing beautiful residential and business spaces with fire and passion since 2004. He has nurtured a specialised NICHE in creating TAILORED DESIGN with UNIQUE NEW-NESS and PREMIUM-NESS. His hunger of bringing bestINSPIRATIONAL & BEST INNOVATIVE CREATIONS to strike BALANCE with customer’s DESIRE and NEED, has been instrumental in bringing long lasting HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION.

We strongly believe that interior design is much more than just a mechanical process. It cannot be accomplished merely by creating drawings and concepts; it's about forging an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION. For some people, interior design represents a DREAM that they want to achieve by having their living spaces designed in a SPECIFIC WAY that reflects their unique TASTE and PREFERENCES, or that evokes feelings of NOSTALGIA, NEWNESS, or LUXURY. It's about bringing that dream to life.

Our team of designers is PASSIONATE and DEDICATED to our mission of providing inspiration, innovation, and comfort to our clients. We are committed to making your aspirational dreams a REALITY through our expertise and creativity.
We have bank of KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE across the length and breadth of designing and executing interior projects, which makes the whole journey of DESIGNING TO DELIVERY, smooth and delightful experience.

Vision & Mission


" Our vision is to design aspiration, beautiful interior space and comfortable lifestyle for many people"


" To bring inspiration, innovation and comfort to your space"


Customer value

We believe customer value is at paramount


We value End to end partnership in the journey of making aspiration, a reality


Integrity is the quality displayed and the highest level of workmanship are what we at Design Kriya offer and recommend to our customers.


We pride ourselves on always providing a problem -solving service to our clients and translate it into a practical and beautiful reality.


Excellence is the foundation of everything we do. We work with purpose and care to create a wonderful experience for every client, every time.

How It Works

5 - simple and smooth process with focus on quality service

1. Share

Meet our design specialist to share your aspirations and requirements

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2. Design

Design conceptualising and creation

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3. Design finalisation

Review the design created and finalise the design

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4. Project Execution

All site related work for making the design a reality including selection and procurement of material

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5. Move In

Enjoy your beautiful space with comfort

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